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Bright Data Proxy Server: Features, Pricing, and Alternatives Guide


In today’s data-driven world, accessing and collecting online information is crucial for various purposes. Bright Data Proxy Server, which used to be called Luminati Proxy Server, is a tool that can help with this.

It’s useful for businesses and people who want to keep their online activities private, collect data efficiently, and scrape websites securely.

This guide explores Bright Data’s functionalities, potential benefits and drawbacks, and compares it to leading alternatives, empowering you to make informed decisions.


Bright Data Proxy Server is used to improve performance by caching data and reducing the number of requests made to the other server. It can also be used to filter requests so that only certain types of traffic are allowed through.

Former NameLuminati Networks
FoundersDerry Shribman, Ofer Vilenski
Found in2014 (as Luminati)
JurisdictionIsrael | See License Agreement
ServicesProviding Proxy Servers
Country ServedWorldwide
WebsiteClick here

Bright Data offers different types of proxy networks like Residential Proxies, Datacenter Proxies, ISP Proxies, and Mobile Proxies.

Additionally, it provides scraping solutions such as Web Scraper IDE, Scraping Browser, SERP API, and Web Unlocker. Plus, there are web data services including Datasets and Bright Insights.

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a computer that mediates communication between two other computers. It acts as an intermediary, forwarding requests from clients to servers and returning responses from servers to clients. Here is a complete guide about a Proxy Server.


Many features of Bright Data Proxy Server make it a great choice for businesses and organizations. Here are some of the most notable features:

  1. Global Coverage: The proxy network covers a wide range of countries and regions, giving you the ability to choose proxy servers from specific locations around the world.
  2. High Reliability: Bright Data’s proxy network is designed for high reliability and uptime. This ensures that your proxy requests are successful and that you can rely on the service for your data collection needs.
  3. Unlimited Concurrent Connections: Depending on your subscription plan, Bright Data typically allows you to run multiple concurrent proxy connections, enabling you to scale your data collection efforts efficiently.
  4. IP Rotation and Session Management: You can rotate IP addresses or manage sessions to avoid detection and access websites without being blocked. This is crucial for web scraping and other data collection tasks.
  5. Proxy Types and Use Cases: Offers various proxy types tailored for different use cases, such as datacenter, residential, mobile, and even real-time mobile IPs. This versatility caters to diverse application needs.
  6. Custom Headers and User Agents: You can customize HTTP headers and user agents to further mimic real user behavior, making your requests more natural and reducing the chances of being detected as a bot.
  7. API Integration: It provides APIs that allow you to easily integrate their proxy services into your applications, scripts, or tools for streamlined data collection and management.
  8. Data Collection Tools: It offers specialized tools for web scraping and data extraction, simplifying the process of gathering information from websites.
  9. Dashboard and Analytics: Users have access to a dashboard where they can monitor their proxy usage, track statistics, manage settings, and control their proxy sessions.

Residential Proxies

Bright Data’s Residential Proxy Network offers high-speed proxies designed to bypass restrictions and blocks. With over 350 million unique residential IPs since 2016, users can target any country, city, zip code, carrier, or ASN, which are associated with real users and devices. This allows you to mimic genuine user behavior and access websites as if you were browsing from different locations.

Key features include 99.99% uptime, unlimited concurrent sessions, and 24/7 live human support.

Top Residential Proxy Locations:

  • United States: 3,229,557 IPs
  • Great Britain: 1,352,127 IPs
  • Germany: 1,126,602 IPs
  • Italy: 729,861 IPs
  • France: 340,944 IPs
  • Australia: 265,736 IPs
  • Canada: 299,469 IPs
  • Spain: 414,520 IPs
  • Russia: 1,394,361 IPs
  • Japan: 318,463 IPs
  • Brazil: 1,769,631 IPs
  • India: 3,144,812 IPs

Benefits of using Bright Data

  • Enhanced Online Privacy: Shield your online identity and activity by masking your real IP address with Bright Data’s proxy servers.
  • Efficient Data Collection: Streamline data collection processes from various online sources with ease and reliability.
  • Geo-Targeted Access: Overcome geographical restrictions and access websites from specific locations around the globe.
  • Improved Web Scraping Success Rates: Bypass website scraping limitations and enhance the effectiveness of your data collection efforts.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Adapt to your evolving needs with various subscription plans offering diverse features and pricing options.

Use Cases

  • Market Research: Gather valuable market data and competitor insights from geographically diverse sources. For example, by analyzing data from different regions, companies can identify emerging trends and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Price Comparison: Monitor and track competitor pricing strategies across different regions. By comparing prices across regions, companies can optimize their pricing to attract more customers while maximizing profits.
  • Social Media Listening: Analyze social media conversations and gain valuable customer sentiment insights. For instance, by monitoring social media discussions, companies can identify potential issues or opportunities and respond promptly to customer feedback.
  • Lead Generation: Extract contact information and identify potential leads from various online platforms. By automatically gathering contact details from online platforms, companies can focus their efforts on nurturing leads and converting them into customers.
  • Content Aggregation: Collect and curate content from diverse websites for various purposes. For example, by aggregating relevant content from different sources, companies can create comprehensive guides or articles that appeal to their target audience and establish themselves as industry experts.

Bright Data Pricing Model Overview

It provides a flexible pricing model tailored to different proxy types and usage scenarios, ensuring customers can choose the plan that best suits their needs.

The pricing structure includes options for Residential, Datacenter, ISP, and Mobile proxies, with various tiers and payment frequencies available.

Proxy TypePricing ModelPrice/GBMicro-PackageGrowthBusiness
ResidentialPAY AS YOU GO$8.40/GB$10 /mo$500 /mo$1000 /mo
DatacenterPAY AS YOU GO$0.110/GB$10 /mo$500 /mo$1000 /mo
ISPPAY AS YOU GO$15.00/GB$10 /mo$500 /mo$1000 /mo
MobilePAY AS YOU GO$24.00/GB$10 /mo$500 /mo$1000 /mo

Key Features:

  • No monthly commitment for PAY AS YOU GO plans.
  • Micro-Package: Best rates for small needs, with limited usage included.
  • Growth: Ideal for teams scaling their operations with consistent usage.
  • Business: Optimal for large-scale operations with higher volume requirements.
  • Enterprise: Tailored packages for elite data services with premium support and features.

Bright Data also offers annual payment options for some plans, providing potential cost savings for long-term commitments. Customers can benefit from additional features such as premium SLA, priority support, tailored onboarding, SSO, customizations, and audit logs with Enterprise plans.

How to use Bright Data Proxy Server?

To leverage the power of Bright Data Proxy Server efficiently, follow these streamlined steps:

  1. Sign Up and Choose a Plan:
    • Create an account on the Bright Data website and select a plan that fits your data usage and budget.
  2. Install and Configure Proxy Manager (Optional):
    • Bright Data offers Proxy Manager, a software application that simplifies proxy management. Download and install Proxy Manager on your desired device.
    • Configure Proxy Manager settings according to your chosen plan and desired functionalities.
  3. Integrate with Your Application or Tool:
    • Utilize Bright Data’s integration options, such as APIs or code libraries, to seamlessly incorporate the proxy service into your application or tool.
  4. Configure Proxy Settings:
    • Access the proxy settings section within your application or tool and input the provided proxy details, including IP address and port number.
    • If using Proxy Manager, you might need to specify the localhost address and port used by the software.
  5. Start Using the Proxy:
    • Launch your application or tool, and let the Bright Data proxy route your traffic, masking your real IP address and enabling functionalities like web scraping or accessing geo-restricted content.

Improving areas based on my experiences

Improving Bright Data’s user experience based on my own usage, several areas could benefit from attention.

The cost structure poses challenges, particularly for casual users like myself, with the high upfront commitment and complexity of the pay-as-you-go model often leading to unexpected charges.

Simplifying pricing options and providing clearer guidelines on usage could greatly enhance user satisfaction and trust in the platform.

The leading alternatives to Bright Data

Choosing the best alternative to Bright Data depends on your specific needs and budget. Here are some top contenders, each with its unique strengths and considerations:

  1. Oxylabs:
    • Similarities: Vast pool of residential and datacenter proxies, global coverage, high reliability, IP rotation, and API integration.
    • Pros: Competitive pricing, excellent customer support, user-friendly interface.
    • Cons: Smaller residential IP pool compared to Bright Data.
  2. ScraperAPI:
    • Similarities: Residential and datacenter proxies, API integration, IP rotation, and user-agent customization.
    • Pros: More affordable, simple setup, pay-as-you-go pricing.
    • Cons: Smaller proxy pool, limited features compared to premium providers.
  3. Zyte:
    • Similarities: Web scraping solutions, proxy management tools, and data collection capabilities.
    • Pros: Powerful web scraping features, customizable solutions, integrates with various platforms.
    • Cons: Complex setup, higher pricing, focused on web scraping.
  4. Apify:
    • Similarities: Web scraping tools, proxy management, and API integration.
    • Pros: Open-source with community support, diverse scraping templates, affordable options.
    • Cons: Requires coding knowledge, smaller proxy pool.
  5. Smartproxy:
    • Similarities: Residential and datacenter proxies, global coverage, API integration, IP rotation, and user-agent customization.
    • Pros: Affordable plans, user-friendly interface, good support.
    • Cons: Smaller proxy pool, limited advanced features.


Bright Data Proxy Server provides a comprehensive solution for online privacy protection, efficient data collection, and geo-targeted web access.

However, carefully evaluate your requirements against its features, pricing, and potential limitations. Explore the suggested alternatives to discover the most suitable option for your specific needs.

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