What is CC in bikes? And What is the meaning of CC in bike?

What is CC in bikes? Meaning and uses in Motorcycles


Do you know CC full form in bike? When a person goes to a Motorcycle showroom the marketing manager shows him the variety of motorcycles by saying that this bike has a 100 CC, 150 CC or 200 CC engine. Going ahead, he also shows you 250 CC, 300 CC, or higher engine capacity bikes, etc.

This is the moment when you get confused if you don’t know much about the CC in bikes. So getting your concept clear is very important.

In this article, I am writing about cc in bikes. I will also tell you what actually cc means in a bike and what is the full form of it.

What is CC? And What is the meaning of CC in bike?
What is CC? And What is the meaning of CC in a bike?

All bikes are of a different CC. Although, it comes to the mind of the customer what is CC?, and what does CC mean in a bike? The full form of CC in a bike is a Cubic Per centimeter. It is also called the cubic Capacity of a bike.

The CC of any vehicle depends on its size and capacity. A heavier cc engine produces more power than the lower one. Actually, CC refers to the cubic capacity of a vehicle which shows the efficiency of the vehicle’s engine.

In other words, CC simply means the power output of the vehicle’s engine.

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CC full form in bike

The full form of the cc in the bike is – cubic Centimeter. CC (CUBIC Centimeter) is used to show the power of the carriage.

What is CC? And What is the meaning of CC in bike?
CC full form in bike

What is the meaning of cc in bikes? and 110 CC full form

Almost all people know about the Splendor Bike, the Splendor Bike is 110 CC. Who’s piston size is 97.2 centimeters. This is a round shape, so it is called 110 CC.

What is the meaning of cc in vehicle? and 110 CC full form
What is the meaning of cc in a vehicle? and 110 CC full form

When the size of the piston of any bike or its number is changed, its CC also gets changed. Like 4 piston bike is called a 400 CC bike. The price of any bike primarily depends on its CC.

What is CC in a car? How low or higher does CC impact it?

If you have a higher CC car then it will run faster and give more power as compared to the low CC car. The performance of a car with more cc will also be higher than a low cc car.

Full form

If you have a low CC car, then the mileage of it will be more but the power will be less. Its performance will also be less compared to the car higher CC car.

Which is India’s highest CC bike?

When we talk about – which is India’s highest CC bike, the first name that comes to mind is – Ninja 650. The Ninja 650 is one of the highest CC bikes among all the bikes currently available in India. Ninja 650 comes with a 649 CC engine.

Take a look at its specification

  • Comes with a 6-speed gearbox.
  • It has a dual-channel ABS brake system
  • Its fuel tank capacity is about 15 liter
  • Its total weight is around 196 Kg.
cc full form in bike

Latest Update: As of August 2023 the highest CC bike available in India is Suzuki Hayabusa which has 1340 CC, its price rages from ₹13.7 lakhs – ₹17 lakhs in India.

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