Diplomacy - Meaning, aims and objectives

Diplomacy: Meaning, Aims and Objectives


Diplomacy is a process in which one country establishes friendly relations with another country in order to fulfill its political, economic, cultural, and social interests. In this, a policy or plan is made and a point of view on the same is obtained from another country.

Chanakya was accepted as the master of diplomacy in the politics of India. He had been acknowledged as the father of diplomacy.

Chanakya, the father of Indian diplomacy, had propounded the 4 principles of Diplomacy – Sam, Daam, Dand, and Bhed i.e to explain, induce, show power, and foot.

He was in favor of following these principles of diplomacy. In this, efforts are made to weaken the enemy mentally without fighting.

The disintegration of the Soviet Union in the Cold War shows the skill of America’s diplomacy. Today we will discuss in detail diplomacy, its meaning, aims and objectives.

What is Diplomacy

In simple words, diplomacy is a process in which efforts are made to create an atmosphere of fear in the mind of the opposing party. Generally, it is used by one country to get its points or demands fulfilled from another country.

In other words, it is a weapon of intellectuals by which they formulate policies to defeat their opponents.

Diplomacy can also be referred to as a type of policy in which the demands of the opposing side are observed and settled without war and the interests of their country are fulfilled.

The main concept of this is that of friendship, in which one country establishes friendly relations with another country and makes its demands to fulfill its political, economic, cultural, and social interests.

At present, it is an important means for all countries through which they fulfill their needs.

Generally, it is seen that a country criticizes its opponent country in the United Nations Assembly. By this, one country tries to isolate its opponent country in the world so that it becomes weak and helpless. If the opponent county gets weak then another country can implement its policies without any considerable obstructions from the opposing country.

It is the skill of intellectuals that have the ability to influence the policy and plans of other countries.

The aims and objectives of diplomacy and its specialty are that the work of influencing the politics of other countries is done through diplomacy.


The main function of diplomacy is to allow the countries to make their foreign policy by finding out from their ambassadors the activities and policies of other countries, which makes it easy for them to fulfill their interests.

Diplomacy Meaning

Diplomacy means the management of the friendly relations between the countries. In diplomacy, two or more countries try to regulate their international relations with a way-forward approach.

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Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

Diplomacy is a route by which foreign policy is made. There is an organic relationship between diplomacy and foreign policy, both of which are two sides of the same coin.

When a country fulfills its interests, it does all this on the basis of foreign policy. Its diplomacy does the work of making foreign policy successful.

The better the diplomacy of the country, the better the relations of that country with other countries. The biggest similarity between foreign policy and diplomacy is that both are used for the national interest.

Aims and Objectives of Diplomacy

The goal of diplomacy is generally to satisfy one’s own interests and needs. Strengthening the position of a country in the world is an important task of its.

to strengthen the state, nation, or organizationto secure the national interest of a country as defined in its foreign policy

All these works are done for this because, through this one, a country gets its needs fulfilled from another country. Due to this, the same country becomes strong at the economic, political, and social levels.

In the present time, it is seen that the stronger the economic, geographical, scientific, and technical position of the country, the more it affects the world with its decisions.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, America emerged as a superpower in the world. Its position in the United Nations is also very strong. Because of this, the world’s eyes are on America’s election.

If we look at history, it becomes clear that America has been influencing the politics of the world, it is the biggest example of its diplomacy.


When a country defeats another country without any war, then it is the victory of its diplomacy because it does not get this victory through weapons but through its policies and this is its real power.

At present, it is the main weapon of all countries by which they influence their neighboring countries.

It is India’s diplomacy to isolate Pakistan in the world regarding terrorism and India has been successful in this diplomacy.

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