Getaway Shootout


Getaway Shootout is a Strategy based 2-player game in which you race with three others to the getaway spot. The game was developed and published by New Eich Games in August 2018.

NameGetaway Shootout
Other namesGetaway Shootout Unblocked
DeveloperNew Eich Games
ReleaseAugust 2018
Genre Parkour Race, Strategy
PlatformsiOs, Android, Web-browser

You can play this game against the computer or a friend in local multiplayer. With its fast-paced gameplay and spectacular graphics, it is no wonder this game is so popular among gamers of all ages.

The developer recently updated the game on January 29, 2023, for Android users. You can download this latest version of the Getaway Shootout game from Google PlayStore to enjoy its new features.

How to play Getaway Shootout?

To start the game select single-player or 2-player mode and then press any key to continue the game fight. In the game, all players must start from the same location. You can move by jumping in the left or right direction.

While moving use your weapons like – Pistol to attack the other racers. A life is lost when a player is shot, falls off the edge of the map.

In 2-player mode, there are no class restrictions in the game. All players will have access to the same weapons and items.



Player 1 Controls

  • To jump left – W
  • To jump right – E
  • To use a power-up – R

Player 2 Controls

  • To jump left – I
  • To jump right – O
  • To use a power-up – P

Getaway Shootout unblocked – Live Game

Scroll up to this page to play the Getaway Shootout Unblocked game online on your browser.

Who developed the game?

The game is developed by Minnesota-based game developer New Eich Games. Minnesota is a state in the Upper Midwestern region of the United States.

How to contact the game developer?

You can contact the game developer at: [email protected]

Can I play Getaway Shootout with my friend?

Ans: In Getaway Shootout, you can choose to play against other people or the computer. To play with your friends you should select 2-player mode.

If you play against the computer, you will be able to choose the difficulty level.

Can I play this game on my iPhone?

Yes! you can play it on your iPhone by either downloading the Getway Shootout Game from AppStore or by visiting Infrexa games on your browser.

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