Learn to Fly


Learn to Fly is a flash-based computer game published by light_bringer777 on Kongregate.

The object of the game is to launch a penguin as high and far as possible using numerous means of propulsion, with the ultimate goal of flying.

DeveloperLight Bringer Games
ReleaseJanuary 2021
GenresArcade, Stylized
PlatformWeb browser, Android

How to Play?

Launch the penguin and try to cover the distance as far as possible. You can also upgrade your penguin to make it fly higher distance.

Game Controls

  • Left and Right Arrow keys

PLAY: Apple Shooter Online Game

Learn to Fly 3 Game

“Learn to Fly 3” is the third and final installment of the “Learn to Fly” game series. In this game, players must help a penguin learn to fly by completing a variety of challenges.

The game also features a variety of upgrades that can be bought with in-game currency. These upgrades can help make the player’s penguin better at flying or help them earn more money.

It is a great game for those who enjoy casual gaming or for those who are looking for a challenge.

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