SharkoSaurus Rampage

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If you love spending time on your computer, then you’ll love playing the SHARKOSAURUS RAMPAGE game!

This fun and exciting game is a lot like the popular craze of Angry Birds, but with a different twist. You play as a shark swimming around an aquarium filled with other fish.

Your objective is to eat as many of them as possible before they escape. The more fish you eat, the greater your score will be. Can you become the ultimate predator?


SHARKOSAURUS RAMPAGE is an upcoming free-to-play, massively multiplayer online game for PC and Mac.

Players can explore the ocean floor as they battle to survive in an ever-growing ecosystem of sharks, rays, and other marine life.

The game is currently in development by Insidious Creations and will be published by PlayWay Games.


SHARKOSAURUS RAMPAGE is a new game from Playrix that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end! The game is divided into three different modes: Arcade, Survival, and Time Trial.

In Arcade mode, you play as one of several shark creatures as you attempt to eat your way through a variety of fishy foes. In Survival mode, you are tasked with protecting yourself from becoming food for the sharks while traveling along a randomly generated ocean coastline.

Finally, in Time Trial mode, you must swim as fast as possible around a set course in order to earn the highest score.

If you love playing games that are challenging and fun at the same time, then SHARKOSAURUS RAMPAGE is definitely worth checking out!

Tips for Surviving the Game

If you’re like most people, you probably think of dinosaurs when you think of prehistoric animals. But the dinosaurs were just one group of animals that lived during the time of the dinosaurs.

There were also many other types of prehistoric creatures that roamed the Earth, including sharks.

Although sharks are not as well-known as some other prehistoric animals, they were a formidable predator in their day.

And because they have such a long history as a species, there are a lot of tips and advice available about how to survive when faced with a shark rampage in a game.

First and foremost, remember that sharks are apex predators, meaning that they are the top animal in their environment.

This means that they are naturally aggressive and will want to take down any prey that comes into their territory. So if you’re swimming in their territory, be prepared for them to attack.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sharks are fast swimmers. This means that even if you can escape from them initially, they will likely catch up to you and attack again.

If this happens, don’t panic – try to stay calm and use your instincts to stay safe. And finally, remember that sharks do not always attack humans

Rewards for Participating in SHARKOSAURUS RAMPAGE

The game SHARKOSAURUS RAMPAGE is a new and exciting way to experience the thrill of shark hunting. The game offers rewards for those who participate, and we want to make sure you know about them!

First of all, anyone who participates in the game will receive a special title – Shark Hunter! This title will show up in the player’s profile, and it will be a great source of pride to have it.

In addition, players who achieve high scores will be rewarded with valuable items that can help them in their shark-hunting adventures.

Some of the rewards that players can expect include:

  • A whole bunch of exclusive in-game items (exclusive skins, decals, fish trophies, etc.) that are only available through SHARKOSAURUS RAMPAGE;
  • A chance to win amazing prizes (like trips to shark-infested waters or monster fishing tournaments) as part of promotional giveaways;
  • Higher rankings on leaderboards that display their best performance statistics during the game;
  • Recognition from us as veteran hunters and participants in the game.


If you’re a big fan of dinosaur games, then SHARKOSAURUS RAMPAGE should be at the top of your list.

This game is chock-full of dinosaurs that you can ride and battle, and it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment for any Jurassic Park enthusiast.

It’s available on iOS and Android devices, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try!


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