Curriculum Meaning, Definition and Characteristics

Curriculum Meaning, Definition and Characteristics


A curriculum is a policy on the basis of which all teaching work is implemented. What, when, and how to teach is decided by the curriculum itself.

Curriculum which means “race field”. The race ground means that the students participate in this race, meaning the students do all the work in the school according to their curriculum.

Whether it is teaching-learning work or co-curriculum activities, on the basis of the curriculum, a teacher also completes his teaching work. When what work is to be done in the school, it is decided according to the syllabus.


The curriculum is the basis of education, following which the objectives of education are fulfilled.

Students do their learning work according to the syllabus. The subjects are done in a systematic manner by the curriculum itself.

Keeping in view the need of society, it is necessary to prepare for any course. We see all the programs organized in the school in the form of a Curriculum.

At first, the meaning of curriculum was seen and understood only on the basis of subjects, but now its scope has become much wider than this, now Curriculum is seen and understood as the whole functioning of the school. It would not be wrong to say that all the work of the school is a kind of curriculum.

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Definition of Curriculum

1. According to Mr. Cunningham – “It is a means in the hands of the artist (teacher) to mold the material (learner) according to his ideal purpose in his studio (school).”

2. According to Horn Sir – “It is what is taught to children, it is more than peaceful reading or learning. It includes industry, business, learning, practice, and activities.

3. According to the Secondary Education Commission – “It does not mean the intellectual subjects taught in a conservative manner, but includes all those activities which children get outside or inside the class.”

4. According to Mr. Paul Heist – “The form of all those activities by which educational goals and objectives are achieved are those courses.”


  • Courses are variable. Keeping in view the needs of society, continuous changes are made in the curriculum.
  • It is made on the basis of the aims of education.
  • The personality of the students is developed through the curriculum itself.
  • It is implemented by the school and the teachers.
  • The desired changes are brought in the behavior of the students by the curriculum.
  • Through the curriculum, the problem-solving tendency of the students is increased.
  • The cognitive, emotional, and functional skills are developed in the students through the curriculum.

Process for Curriculum Development

  • It is designed on the basis of the development of the cognitive, affective, and application sides of the students.
  • It is designed keeping in mind the conditions of society.
  • Before the formulation of the curriculum, its outline is prepared.
  • It involves the continuous development of a teaching method according to the curriculum.
  • After the formulation of the curriculum, its evaluation is also done.
  • Courses are made by subject experts and intellectuals.
  • While designing the curriculum, keeping in mind the psychological, social, and philosophical bases, the curriculum is designed.
  • To choose the right course objectives and objectives which are beneficial for the intellectual development of the students.


  1. The objective of the course is to develop the cognitive, emotional, and functional sides of the students.
  1. It focuses on the moral and character development of the students.
  1. The aim of the course is to develop the personality of the students by developing social responsibility and social feelings in the students.
  1. To make the students earn a living through the curriculum.
  1. To make the understanding level of the students easy.
  1. To bring excellence in the behavior of the students.

Important Questions

Question 1- What is the Hindi meaning of the Word Curriculum?
Answer – The word course means “race ground” (Race Course).

Question 2- By definition of Cunningham what are the meanings of artist and instrument?
Answer – According to the definition of Cunningham, artist means “teacher” and means means “course”.

Question 3 – What is the nature of the course?
Answer – The nature of the syllabus is variable.

Question 4 – What are the main objectives of the course?
Answer – The main objective of the course is to make all-round development of the students.

Question 5 – On what basis the work of curriculum development is done?
Answer – The work of curriculum building is done on philosophical, social, and psychological grounds.


We call all the work done in the school as curriculum. The success or failure of any course rests on the school, teachers, and curriculum makers.

It should be child-centered and be designed keeping in mind the needs of society. The syllabus should always be flexible so that it can be amended easily.

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