Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test


Aptitude Test: Before understanding Aptitude Test, it is necessary that you have knowledge of Aptitude.

So first let us know what is the meaning of aptitude. There are some special abilities and special talents in some work from birth inside a person, which contributes to his development and makes him successful in any work.

If we try to define aptitude in very simple language, it would be fair to say that the – “innate skill of a person is called Aptitude“.

What is Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test: As we told you that in general, we consider the innate abilities of a person as his Aptitude. A person has mastery in doing any work from birth.

He is also interested in that work, due to which he is able to do that work well. This ability or skill of a person is ascertained by an aptitude test.

What are the special qualities in that person, which can play an important role in making him successful in the future? Checking or testing things or detecting all these things is done with the help of the Aptitude Test.

According to psychologists, what a person will become in the future, is known only in his childhood. For example, if he is thinking of becoming a doctor or teacher or will be interested in this work, then he keeps on imitating doing that work since childhood.

Whatever a child thinks of becoming in childhood, he starts copying it. Due to this, its development is more in that area. It is used to know the interest, and attitude of that person.

According to Mr. Freeman – “Aptitude test is that which is designed to measure the basic ability of a person to perform a particular type of activity in a limited area.”

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How Aptitude Test is done

What are the aptitudes within a person, this thing is known on the following grounds –

On the basis of these tests, the aptitude test of the person is done and the aptitude and abilities within them can be ascertained:

  1. General Aptitude Test – Through this test, the general abilities and aptitudes within the person are ascertained. For example, general intelligence, learning ability, mental level etc.
  1. Differential Aptitude Tests – Through this test, differences among students are found out as – their mental stability, intelligence (I.Q), memory power, etc. Every person is different from another person. There is a change in the interests, personalities, abilities, etc. of two persons. This is also called the principle of differentiation and we can find out all these through Aptitude Test.
  1. Specific Aptitude Test – This test is used to know the skill of students in a particular area. For example, in which particular field a student is good in teaching work, technical work, music work, social work, etc. Sub-tests are also included under aptitude tests.

While taking the aptitude test, the name of the student, the name of the test, the name of the quality that is tested (teaching, technical, art, music), etc. should be maintained in records.

Mechanical Aptitude Test

In this type of test, about 10 questions are asked of the students. In this, the students are shown a scene of some instruments and they are asked how they can use it.

Mechanical Comprehension Test

In this, around 30 questions are asked to the students. Through this test, the scientific skills of the students are tested.

Evaluation of the test

In the end, the answers given by the students are checked and their aptitude is assessed. Through this, students are divided into levels like very good, excellent, normal, low, and very less.

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Difference Between Aptitude and Attitude

As we told you that the quality of Aptitude is present in children from birth. Students start following the field in which they are interested in their childhood.

Like the children who have the ability to become a teacher, those children imitate becoming a teacher in their childhood and after reaching the adult stage, they make the first attempt to go to the teaching field itself.

Now if we talk about attitude, then the attitude is not there in the students since birth. It is earned by the students themselves.

But the similarity between both is that the development of aptitude is done by the students by imitation and the acquisition of attitude is also done by the students by imitation.

The need and importance of aptitude tests in education

If we talk about aptitude tests in the field of education, then we get to see all its benefits in the field of education itself.

This test is used in many fields like – Army, I.A.S, I.P.S, Psychological fields, etc.

But its use is also very important in the field of education because the correct development of children is seen as the future development of the country.

To educate the coming generation in the right way and to build their personality in the right way. This can be accomplished only through education.

For students to develop in their areas of ​​interest, it is necessary to explore their areas. We can find this out only by an aptitude test.

Through this, the abilities of the students are detected and they are developed in that area.


The use of aptitude tests is significantly beneficial in any field. Through this, a person can develop in the right direction. But through this, it is not possible to estimate the test of any person correctly.

By this only conjecture can be made. To test aptitude, both the means and the theory are in limited form. Due to this, it is not possible to use it again and again.

In this article, you learned – What are aptitude tests, how Aptitude test is done etc.

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