Critical thinking

Critical thinking: Characteristics, Importance, and its role in Education


Critical Thinking is the art of clarifying the difference between true and false and right and wrong.

It attracts and motivates the person to acquire more and more knowledge and provides the person with the ability to think independently and make proper assessments.

It develops a curiosity in the person to get knowledge. And by way of this, the person asks more questions to know in detail about any topic and pacifies his curiosity.

Today we will study all the aspects related to critical thinking.

What is Critical Thinking

It develops the creative potential of the individual and motivates him to discover innovations and actions by himself.

It works to enhance the personality of the person and develops leadership abilities and skills in him.

With the help of which a person attracts other people and proves himself influential.

It also helps the person to analyze any case and solve any problem and behave according to the current situation.

Except above it –

  • enables a person to adjust to society and cooperate in social work and do business to earn a living.
  • develops scientific thinking, with the help of which a person is able to study any problem systematically.
  • helps the person to collect accurate information and by which he is able to assess the object in its correct form.


1. It makes a person philosophical and helps him to analyze something.

2. It helps a person to choose between right and wrong and true and false.

3. It works to increase questioning skills and motivates the person to get more and more information.

4. Critical thinking helps a person take accurate decisions. Which leads him to the path of success in the future.

5. Through this thinking, creative qualities start developing in the person.

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Importance of Critical Thinking

By developing critical thinking, a person is able to accept or reject those ideas only after contemplating the thoughts of others.

Critical thinking also helps the person to become an intellectual and lead people and adjust to society.

It works to bring maturity to the person in his actions and his thoughts and to increase his confidence.

Role of Critical Thinking in Education

When the teacher explains a topic carefully to the student, then questions like why, what and how are born in the minds of students

But when those students get the answer of why, what, and how, that is when he also collects all the data and information related to that topic.

If they acquire knowledge, then they start to understand all the untold things related to that topic as well as its emotional aspects and this process of their learning develops critical thinking in them.

Critical thinking helps to start understanding the difference between right and wrong and true and false in general. Which always leads them toward the path of success.

It helps the students in their problem-solving process and makes them curious to get complete knowledge on any topic.


Critical thinking motivates the individual to know the universal truth which helps them in collecting the right information and develops the skills of making the right decisions.

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