Nepotism: Meaning and Status of Nepotism in India


Nepotism is the name of a narrow ideology, of benefiting our relatives, in which a person gives priority to his relatives, by ignoring the merit and skills of a non-relative person.

We are calling this a narrow ideology because it is against the order of humanity, socialism, and equality. In this article, we will discuss in detail what is Nepotism. Its consequences and the status of nepotism in India.

What is the meaning of Nepotism?

Nepotism means – using your power or influence to give an unfair advantage to your family, especially by preferring them a job position. This is the name of the narrowness of an ideology and mindset, which favors benefiting oneself beyond the real truth.

Nepotism has become the biggest problem of modern times, if we talk about its position in the world, then it is generally prevalent in every place and every region.

Generally, people select candidates they know for different posts. In such a situation, bypassing the abilities and skills of skilled people, the act of benefiting one’s relatives is called nepotism.

With the growing activity of nepotism, and its narrow ideology prevailing in society, people have to remain deprived of benefits despite having merit. Due to this, they come under constant stress or they lose hope and stop trying for the success of that work.

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Side Effects of Nepotism

It has many side effects. The presence of this narrow ideology in society has always been a threat to the development of the nation.

The following are the consequences of having this ideology in a society:

  1. The pace of development of the nation may slow down.
  2. In its presence, there can be many side effects like corruption, violence, narrow ideology, bitterness, and inferiority complex.
  3. Due to its ideology, deserving persons are deprived of their rights.
  4. Due to this, a situation like the destruction of humanity and mental stress arises.
  5. It acts as an obstacle in the development of skills and in the successful development of human personality.

Status of Nepotism in India

India is a developing country and the development of ideology like nepotism in India is a danger bell somewhere. It is prevalent in every area of ​​India, be it politics, Bollywood, education, entertainment, or business.

Recently, the reason for a big incident like the suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was also being told to nepotism. At that time various leaders and actors exposed the growing condition of nepotism in India.

The same actresses like Kangana Ranaut and other actors constantly shared their views through social media regarding the growing field of nepotism. He even said that he too has become a victim of nepotism in Bollywood.

If we talk about nepotism in politics, then Congress and Samajwadi Party have been constantly accused of nepotism. Many parties provide election tickets to their relatives.

Because of nepotism, they come to power even without having the qualifications, and due to this they hinder the development of the nation and increase corruption.


Nepotism is the name of the ideology which works to harm the mentally afflicted person. It acts as a kind of barrier for individuals to do their favorite work and succeed in it.

The presence of this narrow ideology in a nation is definitely a sign of danger. To prevent this, it is necessary that a strict law should be made against it and solidarity should be brought against it.

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