What is a blog? And how to earn money from blog?

What is a blog? How to earn money from a blog

A blog is a type of website that is used by people as a digital diary and on this, people share their experiences, thoughts, and information with people through text, images, videos, etc. The blog was initially called a Weblog.

When the blog was not found, people were noting down their opinions on the piece of paper and were storing it in their homes or in the almirah but the major disadvantage of this method was that the people were only able to access this diary when they were at the home.

The blog is a digital way to maintain your diary on the server and access it from anywhere, any location, and from any device.

What a blog means

As earlier mentioned, blog means an online diary.

Through a blog, you can reach your points with the whole world, like if we put a post on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, that post remains limited to a few people, but a post written on the blog or website reaches every person who searches about it on Google.

What is a blog?
What is a blog?

Blogging meaning

The art of writing a blog is called blogging, it can be both part-time or full-time. If blogging is done for a small interval daily it is called part-time blogging. If this blogging is done as a profession, it is called full-time blogging.

It is necessary for a blogger to invest a little time by being focused on it. The blogger should also have sufficient knowledge of any subject.

History of Blogging

An American student named Justin Hall created the world’s first blog link in 1994 on the internet on which he used to write things connected to his personal life, using it as a diary.

History of Blogging

The year 1997: The word “weblog” was first used by Jorn Barger editor of the blog Robot Wisdom.

The year 1998: Bruce Ableton a computer programmer and website developer, created an open Diary. On which the user could write a diary, on which the first comment system was also added along with the privacy setting.

The year 1999: Peter Merholz shortened the weblog to blogging and this is where the word blog started. In the same year, Pyra Lab generated the first blog platform, blogger, where people could write blogs without coding.

The year 2003: Google bought Blogger and Adsense together. Exactly this year Matt Mullenweg launched WordPress.

The year 2007: Tumblr was launched which gave birth to the concept of microblogging. For now, people could share not only text but also images, videos, GIFs, etc. Even people could possibly post through SMS and email. It was the world’s fastest-growing social platform, which Yahoo note bought in 2013 for $1.1 billion.

From 2007 to the present: Now the scope of blogging has increased, it is almost every business social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram can be recharged to more and more customers by connecting to the blog.

What is it?

What is blogging? Blogging is the process of writing something on your blog. This writing work can be submitted in form of the posts or articles.

If you have a website or blog you can put frequent posts on it.

Earlier, the blogger needed to have HTML/CSS coding skills for blogging but now the process has been simplified to a great extent and the blogger or a writer does not need to be an expert in coding.

The types

There are two types of blogging.

  1. Event blogging
  2. Permanent blogging

What is Event blogging?

Event blogging can be regarded as “micro-niche blogging” where you create content for a particular event such as Diwali, New year, Independence Day, Black Friday, Holi, or Republic day.

Benefits of event blogging: In event blogging, a blogger writes only on occasion, he does not need to write regularly.

However, due to high dynamics and conversion rates, a blogger can earn good money by doing event blogging.

You can also double your earnings by putting affiliate links in your blogging posts/content. To learn more about affiliate marketing please read this article – What is Affiliate Marketing? How to double my earnings on affiliate marketing?

What is Permanent blogging?

Permanent blogging can be treated as a profession in this a person starts blogging as his profession.

In Permanent blogging, the person may or may not do any other profession other than blogging. He gives his full time to blogging.

Benefits of Permanent blogging

  • It can generate passive income in your life
  • No need to work under the pressure of a boss
  • You can build your identity on the internet
  • You can do blogging from your home, no need to spend money on office space
  • A person can manage his work from anywhere even during a trip or travel
  • Permanent blogging improves your writing skills
  • It increases your social reachability and interaction with new people
  • It is a great way of learning, it will always boost your knowledge of various topics
  • If you work with dedication, it will increase your technical knowledge too
  • Gives double the amount of earnings if used with affiliate marketing

Demerits of Permanent blogging

  1. It takes a lot of hard work.
  2. Content and articles have to be put more
  3. It takes a lot to wait to generate good income

How to start blogging?

You do not require to do much to start blogging. You just need to know how you can bring your blog to the world in the best way.

I will tell you further in that way. Through this, you can rank in Google And can bring your content to more people.

How to start blogging?
How to start blogging?

Three things need to start a blog –

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Writing skills

What is a domain?

A domain is the address of your blogs/websites like – infrexa.com, wplions.com, and infrexindia.com

Domains are available for free and also for money. It depends on your requirement which one you need.

If you want to make your identity online or on social media, you must have a domain name of your own. Here is the list of the top 5 domain and hosting provider companies.


You can also join our blog by creating a free account here.

What is hosting?

Hosting is the platform where your details are stored for instance – when you write any content on your blog the same is stored in the hosting server.

Hosting is also available for free and also for funds

Initially, you can use, the free domain and hosting services of Google blogger here.

Either, if you have already purchased a domain from anywhere you can still use the free hosting offered by google just by transferring your domain to the Google server. But remember that free hosting always has certain limitations which can demotivate you later.

For your convenience, we have provided a list of good hosting companies for beginners here

WP Lions
Get an affordable website/blog designed for you

How to start blogging for free?

There are many platforms available across the internet for free blogging.

But we prefer our readers to use Blogger.com Which is very easy and convenient. On this platform, you can simply start blogging from mobile and also earn money.

Many bloggers are earning thousands of dollars from blogger.com

Creating a new blog that qualifies the webmaster and the quality guidelines of Google AdSense is difficult.

It has been seen that many people create bog and work hard but they do not get their content monetized by Google Adsense due to policy violations of Google webmasters.

Therefore, we suggest you please do some careful research about it before selecting content and design for your blog or website.

However, if you find any difficulty in the setup up your new blog please utilize the most trustworthy and affordable services offered by WP Lions here.

How to start blogging for free?
How to start blogging for free?

Best free blogging platform to earn money

There are many free blogging platforms that offer free blogging services but below are the best we have selected for you.


You can create a blog for free by visiting Blogger.com. This platform is the most famous all over the world. Here blog can be created with a subdomain very easily.

You can also add custom domains to it if you want. It can be started working in just a few minutes.

When your blog starts being liked by people, then you can earn money by applying a Google Adsense code.


You can also create a blog for free with WordPress.com. Here, you can simply create a blog similar to Blogger.com

It is noteworthy to mention that, when you use the free version of WordPress you cannot earn money from Google Adsense.

Because of the said limitation, this platform is used a little less than Blogger.com


This platform is also very popular. tumblr.com is known by many people these days. Here you can do blogging for free and can present your blog/website to the world in a good way.


You can also start blogging for free on Weebly.com in a very easy way. You get the service of drag and drop, With which you can make your website or blog a beautiful design.


Like blogger.com, wordpress.com, and tumblr.com, Medium.com can also be used for free blogging. Here you get a chance to reach more people without spending money on hosting and domain

Above are the best free blogging platforms to earn money. To create money you have to make your account on any of them and start writing today.

How to create a blog?

To create a blog you first require to buy a domain and hosting. You can review this article for the best domain/hosting provider companies here

If you find any difficulty in creating your blog, you can contact WP Lions here. WP Lions is one of the best WordPress web design companies that offer web designing services at very nominal prices.

If you are planning to start your blog on WordPress, I strongly suggest you try their premium services for the best outcome.

Similarly, if you want to start blogging completely for free, just pick any site mentioned under the “Best free blogging platform to earn money” heading above and start writing.

How to write a blog?

When your blog contains correct and accurate information the people like it more. Your blog should be designed to look beautiful and attract people.

People dislike having too much garbage. Kachina means a mixture of many languages and is unclear what you want to convey to your visitors.

Therefore, to write a good blog, you have to take care of some things. Some important things are given below that will certainly help you to write good content –

How to write an SEO Friendly post on your blog

Writing is necessary but creating an SEO-friendly post on your blog is important, please refer to this article for more precise information here.

some additional information is given below –

  1. You can write your blog in any language. But one thing always needs to be kept in mind that the article you write should be in only one language. In other words, select only one Google AdSense-supported language to write your blog, this practice will help you to rank in Google.
  2. Maintaining consistency is very important, write and publish at least one post every day. If you can’t post daily, post after a certain interval between 3 to 4 days. It means you remain active on the blog.
  3. Posts should closely relate to the blog category i.e – if your blog category is technology, then you do not write about the husbandry on it. Write about technology only.
  4. If you want to get your blog ranked in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. then you have to optimize your blog and content for search engines. Facing difficulty? contact an expert here
  5. Along with article posts, you must also use rich photos and videos in your blog. Photos and videos will make your blog look beautiful. This will increase your blog ranking on Google and will also attract visitors to read and maximize your blog traffic.
  6. Keyword research is also very important to earn money by getting your blog ranked in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

How to earn money from a blog

1. Adsense – earn money by placing ads

Once your blog reaches a good height or at least 100 unique visitors daily you can start earning money by placing Adsense ad codes on your blog.

To monetize your blog content you have to apply for the Google publisher program here. However, if you are a large publisher (Monthly traffic 5 Million+) then you can apply for a Google Ad manager which is also known as Adsense Premium.

As soon, as Google approves your account and you generate sufficient traffic on your blog you can earn good money from your blog.

If you are not getting Adsense approval even after multiple attempts, get your blog/site reviewed by our expert free of cost here.

2. Earn money through affiliate marketing

If you do affiliate marketing smartly you can earn more than a thousand dollars in a day. Since we have already covered this topic earlier, you are requested to please refer to this article for more details – What is Affiliate marketing? How to earn from it?

3. Sell ​​products by doing your own digital marketing

You can sell the product by doing your own digital marketing. For example, E-books, digital products & services can be made and sold out. This is a very easy and good way to promote the products.

You can also collaborate with other service/product producers and promote their products on your blog. You will earn a fixed or percentage commission on each sale.

Some other information that you should always remember

  1. Never copy and paste from someone else’s blog. Google will easily understand your intelligence and your blog will never rank in Google. If it will not rank there will be no traffic and revenue.
  2. Before starting blogging, understand your purpose. Ask yourself three questions
  • Why are you doing it?
  • Do you have enough knowledge, time, and dedication to create at least 100 posts in your blog?
  • Will it benefit anyone who comes to read it?

If you get the answer to all the questions then start blogging.

Friends, as you know: Neither anything easy nor anything difficult in this world. If you have passion, courage, and patience, then one day you will definitely get successful in blogging.

Frequently asked topics (FATs)

People planning to start a blog often run to find these frequently asked topics –

Blog Definition

A blog is defined as a digital diary where your writing works are arranged in reverse chronological order. Old pages and posts are at the bottom and most recently published posts and pages are displayed at the top.

A blog can also be defined as an online diary for sharing personal thoughts and experiences.

Blog meaning?

In simple words, a Blog Meaning is to reach people through a digital medium by writing your thoughts, feelings, knowledge, or any information.

The content of a blog and website is called a blog post. You can share these posts on various social media networks like – Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.

What Blogging means?

Blogging includes – creating a good post on the blog, improving its design, SEO, linking, sharing etc.

Best free blogging sites

There are numerous best free blogging sites for example – Blooger.com, WordPress.com etc.

If you have good content writing skills, you can also participate in free blogging programs offered by these sites and earn money – Infrex India, Infrexa, NCERT Infrexa, and WP Lions etc.

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