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IQ Test: How to Know Your IQ


IQ Test stands for “Intelligence Quotient Test” which means to find out the abilities contained in the intelligence of a person.

It is a psychological test, under which the principles of psychology are used. So that proper identification can be made in relation to the real personality of the student and his behavior.

Through this test, the mental state of a student is measured an attempt is made to arrive at the decision that what is the IQ level of this student.

The concept of the IQ test was developed by Terman in the year 1916.

The process of this test of intelligence level is very simple. With the help of this, the proper development of the students can be done.

Today, through this post, we will know What IQ Test is? and How do IQ Tests is performed?

IQ Test (Intelligence Quotient Test)

The ideas of Alexander and Terman are given prominence, with no reason to develop and popularize this test.

Both of them made appropriate changes in this test according to the circumstances of the time. So that the actual IQ level of the students can be checked.

Origins of IQ Test

Full form Intelligence Quotient Test
Term Originated fromGerman term “Intelligenzquotient”
Term Coined byWilliam Stern (German psychologist)
Test Developed byLewis Terman (American psychologist)

This test serves to reveal the salient features of the personality of the students.

On the basis of the results obtained by this test, efforts are made to improve the personality of the students by making desired changes in their behavior.

According to this test, if the student can answer the questions which are older than him, then he will be a child of high intelligence.

If the student answers only the questions of his age level then that student will be of normal intelligence and if that student can answer the questions below his age level then he will be a student of low intelligence.

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How to do an IQ Test

The American psychologist Terman is credited with developing the method of testing IQ.

Through this method, the intelligence of the students is tested and their personality is ascertained.

The following formula is used to find the actual IQ level of a student. Which was developed by Psychologist Terman in the year 1916:

[ I.Q. = Mental age / Actual age × 100 ]

To find out the mental age of the student, you can also take their test or you can find out the mental age of the student by taking an estimate and comparing it with other students.

The actual age of the student is his year of birth. On the basis of which that year is run from the mental age obtained.

After that, the number obtained is divided by 100 and then based on the marks obtained, finally, the IQ level of the students is known.

To find out your IQ level, you can go to the play store and download various applications to your Android phone which is considered a very easy way of performing this test.

Need for Intelligence Quotient Test

  • Through this test, students are admitted to the appropriate class.
  • This test finds out the personality characteristics of the students.
  • It makes appropriate changes in the behavior of the students.
  • This test is also used for the interview of the officers who are appointed to an important post. Examples- IAS, IPS, IFS, etc.
  • It makes knowledge of the mental state of the students and finds ways to make appropriate modifications to it.
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Terman’s classification of marks obtained from the IQ test

  • 0-25 – fool
  • 26-50 – Idiot
  • 51-70 – Low IQ
  • 71-80 – Weak intelligence
  • 81-90 – Retarded intelligence
  • 91-110 – General Intelligence
  • 111-120 – Sharp intelligence
  • 121-139 – Sharp intelligence
  • Over 140 – Best, Best IQ

Role of IQ Test in Education

The main use of IQ tests in education is to divide the class among the students.

Through this test, the personality of such students is ascertained who often remain quiet in class or do not express their intelligence due to being shy.

This test is also used to make appropriate changes in the behavior of the students. So that his future can be protected.

It serves to make the student aware of their true capabilities. It determines the mental state of the students. So that the appropriate process can be selected for their problems and solutions.

It checks the skills of their knowledge through interviews of the officers who are appointed to the responsible posts of the Government.


IQ Tests are a great way to know about the personality of the students. With the help of this the future of the students is made bright.

It works to bring the desired change in the personality of the students. It helps them in providing education as per their requirement.

So friends, today you know What is IQ Test and How to do IQ Tests? If you liked this post, do share it with your family and friends.

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