What is Domain Authority Complete Information

What is Domain Authority? Complete Information


We all understand the meaning of domain, it is the address of a website from which that website is accessed on the Internet, and authority means the authority or power to which that domain belongs.

This ranking factor has been created by MOZ, which ranks the domain on the basis of 100 points. Here we should already be clear that Google or any other search engine has nothing to do with DA.

So if you think of increasing the Domain Authority of your website, then you should start working hard to get a lot of traffic to your website or blog.

It is believed that bloggers with DA from 1 to 30 do not have proper knowledge of SEO, Blogs from 30 to 70 are much better and Blogs ranked from 70 to 100 are Awesome.

According to MOZ, blogs between 30 and 100 grow quickly, now why is it so, let’s understand it too.

Why is DA important for your Blog?

It is very important for you to increase the Domain Authority because it gives information to the search engines that how many different domains your website is linked with so that it can decide the value of the content available on your blog or website, and rank your post on the Search Engine.

Let us understand it like this, many times it must have happened in your school time that you used to come to the principal class of your school and ask who is the fastest child in this class, then the rest of the students used to point towards 1 or 2 people.

Now the child towards whom more people used to turn, is the topper and the other less topper is exactly the same DA. The more websites that are linked with your website, the better that website is for search engines.

How to Calculate Domain Authority?

First of all, there are many tools on the Internet to calculate DA, but you should use MOZ only because they have created this Ranking Factor, and then you will get the most accurate result.

Now let’s understand how much DA is sufficient for your blog- You can estimate it like this if your DA is –

  • between 1- 30 then your blog is average
  • if it is between 30-70 then it is good and if
  • If it is between 70-100 then it is excellent.

To check the DA, first you go to the official website of MOZ and then create a free account which is valid for 30 days, After that, you go to Free Tools and there you will get the option named Link Explorer, Click on it and Search by entering your domain in the search box.

The result will come in front of your screen and according to the matrix given above, you can understand what is the value of your domain right now.

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What difference does DA make in the ranking of a website?

All the blogs available on the Internet say that Domain Authority has nothing to do with Page Ranking but the reality is far different than this because DA is created on the basis of “No-Follow Backlinks” and “Do-Follow Backlinks” made for your website.

Now if you are from Blogging Field then you already know how important High Quality Backlinks are important for your website. Although on the other hand, Page Ranking does not make much difference to the DA.

Many times we have personally seen that the domain whose ranking is high is at the bottom and the low-ranked one is ranked at the top. Now let’s understand why this is so.

Difference Between Domain Authority (DA) & Page Authority (PA)

Domain authority represents your entire website or home page, but Page Authority is only one page, now understand that one page is linked to 10 domains and the second page is only 5, so whose ranking will be high?

and if the page linked to 10 domains has not received any response, while the page linked to the 5 domains has received a lot of response, then which blog post will rank higher in this condition?

Do not get confused, we only mean to say that while creating a domain for the page, pay special attention to the fact that clicks should also come on it. That’s why you share your post on as many domains as possible and in such places from where you get clicks like social media sites.

Here you also get more Clicks and today there is no shortage of Social Media Sites and Bookmarking Sites. You can get Backlinks from many Domains and also a lot of Clicks, so share your web articles on Social media sites as much as possible

How to Increase Domain Authority

Now the question comes of how can we increase the DA The method is very easy because you already know that the more your website is linked with other websites, the more will be the Authority of your domain, so you have to create more and more backlinks.

You can use some methods –

Profile Building

There are many such websites on the Internet that provide you the facility to create a profile and there are some that allow you to submit the website address as well. Do Find similar websites, where you can create a profile for your website and create backlinks on it for your website.

Guest Posting – The best and most useful way is to communicate with other bloggers and do a guest post on their blogs, This will give information about you to their regular users and you will also get quality backlinks.

Bookmarking Sites

Almost all Bookmarking Sites on the Internet give you the facility to add a domain to the profile as well as the facility to share the link of the post, so you can increase both DA and PA (Page Authority) from Bookmarking Sites.

Social Media Sites

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest are websites where you can share your latest posts and you get more responses from here, which greatly improves both your Domain Authority and Page Authority.

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Internal Linking

Internal linking is very important for your blog because it allows other posts available on your blog to be connected with each other and users can click on those links and read the rest of your articles.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is very useful in increasing Domain Authority because it gives you the opportunity to comment on other blogs related to your niche, and with those comments, you can add the URL of your blog or blog post. With this, No-Follow Backlinks are created for your blog and other bloggers get information about your blog and your knowledge.


Domain Authority is very important for your blog, so you should pay special attention to this and if you want to get your blog ranked on Google then you must read our article Off Page SEO Techniques.

Because without SEO (On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO) your blog can never rank on Search Engine.

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