Online classes vs Offline classes

Online classes vs Offline classes – which one is best?


Online classes vs Offline classes: If the lockdown has affected the most, it is the education of the children. An order was issued by the government to immediately stop elementary, primary, and higher education institutes, so the disease does not spread and we may save more lives from that deadly infection of COVID-19.

In today’s time, parents give first priority to the education of children, whether it is primary education or higher education.

A sudden disruption in education during the Corona epidemic had become a great matter of concern for parents. This situation led online education to emerge as a ray of hope.

At first, some online platforms which were giving education for some time already came to the fore, then on seeing, many online educational platforms came to the fore, which started educating the children sitting in the house, and due to them, the children were able to continue their study.

Now many online Coachings are providing high-quality education to children. Through online classes, we can get good education sitting at home by saving our money, health, and time.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of online classes, which we will be able to know through this article. We will also provide you with a video related to the Online classes vs Offline classes discussion.

Online Classes

At this time, you will get to see a lot of online classes, some have been going on for a long time and some have started only recently. People knew the classes that were going on before the time of lockdown, but ever since the lockdown started, the new online classes also started and their response was very good and many children also liked their channel and also subscribed due to which the craze of online classes increased very fast in all over the world, people earned a lot of money in no time through online medium.

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The only purpose of some online classes was to give higher education to the children but some were just to flood the turnover of their business, we have a lot of benefits from online classes, and due to online classes, we get good education sitting at home without any effort. Through online classes, we can easily get the solution to every question with one click and so know in a minute can get information about anywhere and any place.

Best Apps for Online Classes

Online classes vs Offline classes – which one is best?

There are many platforms that provide us, with online classes. It is not necessary that through online classes, we can not only solve the problems of our book but also learn about business, motivation, and many other things.

With the help of online classes, we can further our studies as well as business. We can also learn a lot of information through online classes such as – how to keep ourselves healthy, where to invest our money etc.

Here we are letting you know about some online apps, with the help of which you can get a quality education –

Sr.Apps Name Official Link
1.UDEMYClick Here
2.LYNDAClick Here
4.TEDClick Here
5.LUMOSITYClick Here
7.DUOLINGOClick Here
10.YOU TUBE Click Here
TOP 10 Best Apps for Online Classes – Online classes vs Offline classes


Udemy is one of the extensive online education provider apps that offers a wide range of courses on everything from web development to personal development.

Like if you want to learn to play the guitar? Whether you’re a beginner or a virtuoso, Udemy has a plethora of courses to help you. Even if, you want to start your own business but don’t know how to start it the Udemy app will help you. To install the UDEMY app now Click Here


With the help of Linda App, you can learn video production or software development anytime and anywhere. Similarly, Linda allows you to learn independently by using the mobile app. No matter where you are, through this app you can do the work of video production or software development conveniently.

Although the Linda app works in contrast to the Udemy app, its courses are offered on a monthly membership subscription basis, allowing you to take any number of courses per month, not necessarily paying monthly. You can use the Lynda app as a free ten-minute trial without any risk. To download the Lynda app now Click Here


This is one of the best educational apps available on the internet, Khan was a hard-working hedge fund differentiator before the founding of the World Organization. This app is not oriented toward revenue generation and offers a variety of academic courses absolutely free of cost.

This is the specialty of Khan Academy that makes it different than others like Udemy or Lynda. Khan Academy focuses more on courses such as mathematics, science, and humanities, although some of the best courses include computer science. To install the Khan Academy app Click Here

4. TED

TED is another non-profit organization after Khan Academy. TED helps people to get rid of addiction to any bad thing. TED is an organization that works to spread inspirational thinking, usually, their videos are 18 minutes or less.

There are TED Talks on various topics such as art, and science, and can also be on topics ranging from global issues. The TED mobile app stores what you’re looking for in the TED video library for your education and pleasure, and allows us to watch all of it absolutely free of charge. To install the TED app Click Here


If you want to fit your muscles, body, or weight, you go to the gym but, if you want your brain to function properly, what will you do? Lumosity helps you solve your problems by presenting the brainstorming app designed by specialized scientists with the help of game developers.

Lumosity works to exercise the brain and improve mental abilities so that when you learn something new, it can help you to grab it quickly. It gives you the utmost focus and also strengthens your concept so that you can solve your problems as efficiently as possible.

The Lumosity app is free for you to download on your device, you may also need to subscribe to a monthly service if you want to get the most out of the app. Click Here


Its mission is to get the book to the right hands at the right time, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or self-help, no matter what interests you. The GoodReads app might even point you to the right book to help you learn whatever you want to learn and read reviews from other readers. You can share your own article with people. To download the GoodReads app Click Here


Do you want apps that will help you learn foreign languages? Whether it’s French or Spanish, you’ll have a wonderfully easy way to learn one of the 12 other languages available ​​around the world.

With the Duolingo app, you can start learning a language, and quickly hone your skills in a unique way of explaining through pictures and phrases by native speakers around the world. You can download the Duolingo app here


If you are lost in your studies and need extra help with your exam, a teacher on Studyblue might be able to offer you some help. But if you want to have the same study material as your teachers, you should check out Studyblue App.

StudyBlue app has been designed to help you win your course with the help of its experts. This mobile app is like a good friend of yours as you go wherever your good friend goes with you. Apart from it Studyblue App plays an important role in your knowledge building. Download the StudyBlue app here


In earlier times many sections were present on the bookshelves to store knowledge. But in today’s time, we have many paths available like Wikipedia.

With the help of the Wikipedia app, we can study the entire collection of almost every subject from education to art, Sanskrit, the world, and all the information around us now at our fingertips.

We can get complete information about anything in microseconds whenever we want. Although students have been cautioned, because Wikipedia has many people editing their articles, most teachers and some others do not consider it a great place for essays and other information. Through this, you can study almost any information. To visit Wikipedia Click here


YouTube is a huge video collection platform on this planet. On YouTube, you can watch the video you want, whether it is educational, wildlife, diseases, news, or any other video just by searching for a moment.

If you are a registered member, you can also upload your video on YouTube. Additionally, If you want to start any new work, you can start it by taking guidance from the experts (through videos) available on YouTube.

Like Wikipedia, anyone can upload a video to YouTube. If you are also willing to upload a video on YouTube, you have to keep in mind that your video should be different and highly effective from others. Take a look at YouTube here

Online Classes vs Offline Classes For Students

Online classes vs Offline classes – which one is best?

Benefits of Online Classes

  • With online classes, we can easily pursue our course of study while sitting at home.
  • We can also conquer our collection of courses online in the comfort of our home, without having to go anywhere and save time as well.
  • We can easily read our syllabus from any language like Spanish, Indian, French, and many other languages ​​online and learn in a seamless way through videos.
  • With the help of online classes, we can understand the syllabus from different ideologies of many teachers in a particular subject and can collect information about that subject in many ways.
  • Online, we can collect complete information about all topics of the world in a simple way and can steam other people’s mindsets and thoughts easily.


Offline Classes

  • In many institutions like schools, and colleges, we have to go and give our time, and we also have to pay exorbitant fees there, which is a challenging task for us.
  • Due to offline classes, we have to go to many other institutions like school, college, labs, and live and there we have to stop and study.
  • In the college or school where we study, a certain teacher is selected for a certain subject, who makes us study that subject.
  • Due to offline studies, we also have to spend our money and we have to go to our schools and colleges at a fixed time every day and many times it happens that our schools and colleges are far away due to which we have to go a lot. Due to the distance traveled, our body also gets tired, and a lot of time is also lost.
  • Despite all disadvantages articulated above, offline study promotes our outdoor activity which is very beneficial for us.

Online Classes Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • With the help of online classes, we can listen and understand our course from our favorite speaker anywhere at any time and get a wide variety of information.
  • Through online classes, we can get information about any one of our subjects through different types of speakers.
  • With online classes, we save money and our time and can study in many other institutions like going to schools, colleges, etc.
  • With the help of online classes, we can sit in one place and learn all the courses of the world in different types of languages, whether it is French language, Spanish language, or any other language. We can learn whatever we want in whatever language through online classes.
  • In the online mode of learning, we can not only get information about our subjects, but we can also participate in new online programs which are being conducted in other countries. We can also get information about the various subjects, in which we are interested like – software design, fashion design, etc. All of these can also be easily understood sitting at home.


  • Whatever we want to learn in offline classes, we have to go to school or go to college there if we want to dance then we have to go to dancing school, similarly, for many other types of courses we can visit different places and study, this gives opportunity to interact with different-different people socially. This opportunity can not be grabbed in online classes.
  • Whatever we have to study in offline classes, there is a particular speaker who pays direct attention and gives us information about those things. But online mode does not have such a facility.
  • Online mode of learning also discourages outdoor activity which is often considered unsuitable for a healthy lifestyle.

A+ (A Plus Online Classes)

Online classes
A+ (A Plus Online Classes) – Online classes vs Offline classes
S.No. A+ Online Classes Click the Direct Link
1. UDEMY Click Here
2. LYNDA Click Here
3. KHAN ACADEMY Click Here
4. TED Click Here
5. LUMOSITY Click Here
6. GOODREADS Click Here
7. DUOLINGO Click Here
8. STUDYBLUE Click Here
9. WIKIPEDIA Click Here
10. YOU TUBE Click Here
13.QUORAClick Here
14.EDXClick Here
15.STAR CHARTClick Here

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