Unblocked Games 77: Play Chromebook-compatible games


Unblocked games 77 are games hosted on a website that allows you to play the game online, similar to the way you would play a Flash game.

The difference is that many schools and workplaces block websites like Newgrounds and other flash gaming sites due to the potentially offensive content they may contain.

The term “unblocked game” refers to a game that has been played on an unrestricted website; therefore it is accessible to players even in environments where it may be blocked.

There are thousands of games out there, but unfortunately, the majority of them are poorly designed, boring, and don’t contain much interesting or educational content.

This list contains only the best-unblocked games, so your child can enjoy gaming without anyone having to lift a finger to unblock the site!

Awesome Unblocked Games 77 for Teens

There are millions of game players who search for Unblocked Games 77 on the internet daily. In this article, we have listed some of these for game lovers.

You can navigate these games and play them easily as per your own demand and time.

1. Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is a browser-based tank warfare game. Players control tanks in mazes and try to eliminate opponents by strategically shooting projectiles.

It supports multiplayer mode, making it a popular choice for friendly competitions.

2. Run 3

Run 3 is an engaging endless runner game where players navigate a series of complex tunnels floating in space.

Run 3: Best Yandex Games
Run 3: Best Yandex Games

The unique feature is the ability to control not just one, but multiple characters, each with different skills.

3. Happy Wheels

Prepare yourself for hilarious and gory challenges as you try to reach the finish line with various characters on unconventional vehicles.

Happy Wheels is a physics-based game that challenges players to navigate obstacle courses using various eccentric characters and vehicles.

4. Slope

Test your reflexes in this fast-paced game where you control a ball rolling down an endless slope full of obstacles.

5. Super Smash Flash 2

The ultimate crossover fighting game featuring iconic video game characters like Mario, Sonic, and Pikachu.

6. Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic is a web-based version of the immensely popular sandbox game, Minecraft. It provides a simplified experience, showcasing the basic elements of the game such as building, mining, and exploring in a limited environment.

There are The 5 most popular Minecraft build ideas. Check our guide on Minecraft Games: Various Modes and GamePlay for more information.

7. Duck Life 4

Train your duckling to become the champion racer by feeding it, training its skills, and participating in tournaments.

8. Uno Online

Play the classic card game Uno online against other players from around the world

9. Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is a physics-based platformer game where players control a stickman swinging through various levels using a grappling hook.

The goal is to swing, jump, and avoid obstacles to reach the end of each level

10. Agar.io

Agar.io is a popular online multiplayer game where players control a cell in a Petri dish-like environment. The objective is to grow by consuming smaller cells and avoiding larger ones.

List of the best 77 Unblocked Games

  1. Candy Crush
  2. Sudoku
  3. Pacman
  4. Super Mario Flash
  5. Run 3
  6. Uno Online
  7. Agar.io
  8. Slither.io
  9. Fireboy and Watergirl
  10. Bloons Tower Defense
  11. Coolmath Games
  12. Realm Grinder
  13. Snake
  14. 2048 Cupcakes
  15. Cookie Clicker
  16. Moto X3M
  17. Tank Trouble
  18. Curve Fever
  19. Bonk.io
  20. Krunker.io
  21. Braains.io
  22. Zombs Royale
  23. Surviv.io
  24. Little Alchemy
  25. Google Feud
  26. Gartic.io
  27. Shell Shockers
  28. Pinturillo 2
  29. HaxBall
  30. Powerline.io
  31. Wings.io
  32. Splix.io
  33. MooMoo.io
  34. Slime Road
  35. Uno Friends
  36. Just Build
  37. Hole.io
  38. Yohoho.io
  39. Skribbl.io
  40. Diep.io
  41. Little Big Snake
  42. Boattle.io
  43. Devast.io
  44. Cursors.io
  45. Draw and Guess
  46. Surviv.io 2
  47. Paper.io
  48. Blockor.io
  49. Wormate.io
  50. Gats.io
  51. Build Royale
  52. Raft Wars
  53. Kart Wars
  54. Stick Fight
  55. Lordz.io
  56. Jomp.io
  57. Gangsters Squad
  58. Creatur.io
  59. NitroClash.io
  60. Doblons.io
  61. Brutes.io
  62. Zombs.io
  63. Flaap.io
  64. Tanx
  65. NitroDrift.io
  66. Gulper.io
  67. Battlepoint.io
  68. N00b.io
  69. Soccer Masters: Euro 2020
  70. Sushi Party
  71. Smash Karts
  72. Typing Wars: Return of the Keyboard
  73. SnowHeroes.io
  74. Slay.one
  75. Paddleball Galaxy
  76. Subway Surfers
  77. Stickman Archer 2

Various Categories of Unblocked Games 77

  • Buildering Game
  • Climbing Games
  • Cosmic Jumping Games
  • Dart game
  • Driving Games
  • Escape the Room games
  • Football games
  • Ghost game
  • Online Battle Arena games (MOBA)

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Game Genres

  1. Interactive Fiction
  2. Tower Defense
  3. Stealth Games
  4. Rhythm Games
  5. Visual Novels
  6. Point-and-Click Adventure
  7. Escape Room Games
  8. Management and Tycoon Games
  9. Roguelike Games
  10. Educational Games


This list of Unblocked Games 77 for teens is a great place to start. You can find these games for every occasion, whether you want to play solo or against others. No matter what kind of gamer you are, there’s something for you here.

So go on, get playing and enjoy the benefits of the games for teens! Now it’s time to put down the controller and pick up a book.

There’s no better way to exercise your mind than reading a good book, and it is a great way to relieve stress. You can search for your next book on our website.

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